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Laimis Vaicius
Occupation construction
Place of residence London, United Kingdom
Years cycling 3
Riding style commuting
Purchased product custom made road frameset
Purchasing date 05/25/2011
Previous bicycle KONA Paddy Wagon

Tremendous bicycle!



Rob Gijzel
Place of residence The Netherlands
Purchased product type R2 frame in mirror polish
Purchasing date 02/25/2011

I've now driven my bike for more then 800 km and I'm very pleased with it.

The frame itself and the finish looks very well. And for riding the bike: perfect to ride a titanium frame again. Smooth and comfortable, with enough stiffness and frontal and lateral rigidity to have a save ride.

So I'm a happy customer!

Paweł Sikora
Occupation manager
Place of residence Tychy, Poland
Years cycling over 15 as amateur
Riding style performance
Purchased product type R1 frame
Purchasing date 10/22/2010
Previous bicycle SCOTT Scale

Frame looks and feels perfect - it’s lighter and stiffer than I’ve expected. I’m looking forward to spring and first all day long journey...

Mindaugas Goncaras
Occupation bicycle mechanic
Place of residence Waregem, Belgium
Years cycling 22 years as pro and amateur
Riding style road
Purchased product type R2+ frameset
Purchasing date 03/21/2009
Previous bicycle MUSEEUW MF3 Limited Edition

I have to say that I am very satisfied with my new bike. It is light as well as strong. Current bike is lighter than my previous bike, but it does not lack rigidity at all. I have already tested the bike in TOUR OF FLANDERS track. After my test ride all I can say is that it perfectly fits riding kobles as the bike accelerates easily, and although the bike is a bit sensitive on the curves, it does not take long to get used to it.

I have tried riding full titanium bicycles, and they are even stronger, but they are also a bit too rigid for kobles. Nevertheless, full titanium is a good choice for competitions in Belgium. Aluminium is not of choice for me as aluminium bicycles lose the rigidity too quickly in the case of active, steady riding. The same rule obtains regarding carbon as well. I personally believe that carbon bikes are made too light, which consequently affect its strength. Having said that, my conclusions are that titanium bicycles are for the true experts. Titanium bikes are long-lasting, they are strong, and they have a remarkable look - all which is necessary for a superior, luxury bike.

Vitalis Avik
Occupation photographer, traveler
Place of residence Melbourne, Australia
Years cycling 20+
Riding style road
Purchased product custom made cyclocross frame and fork
Purchasing date 2000 and 10/09/2008
Previous bicycle custom assembled aluminium frame

Recently my girlfriend and I just finished cycling in Asia around Thailand and Laos. The staff of 4T was very enthusiastic in helping to prepare our bicycles for this journey, and have been waiting for feedback - so here is the short story:

We cycled more than 4,000 km in 86 days. Conditions: from Thailand’s plains to the rugged never-ending Laos mountains; from smooth, paved surfaces to muddy, remote tracks (actually suitable for mountain biking only); from heavy rains to hot sunshine. Needless to say, conditions were much more extreme than we expected, and at the beginning I was really worried how these light hi-tech cyclocross frames would cope. But they handled it perfectly.

My previous bike was aluminium and I had had several experiences of a cracked frame, so I knew exactly what that meant. If you ride your bike often (as I do), aluminium fatigue makes the frame’s lifetime really short. Actually, those experiences encouraged me to switch to titanium since I have never seriously considered carbon. Since the 21st century, my personal preference is pure, ever-lasting titanium (I know this sounds like an ad, sorry, it’s just my personal experience). I have already worn out a couple of sets of parts, but I’m still on the same frame.

By the way, I can confirm the same as John from the UK above - whenever we came across some pros in Thailand our titanium frames attracted a lot of attention. Assembled parts were “nothing special”, but the frames received deep appreciation. In Thakek, we met a French couple cycling around the world - they couldn’t believe that our fully-loaded bikes weighed about 15-18 kg (that’s for 3 months “survival”, camping gear included - we are travelers, not racers), when theirs were more than 45kg!

My frame is already about 10 years old, my girlfriend’s - just one, but they look pretty much the same. And now, when we are out cycling around Melbourne - we do raise some curiosity, but occasionally from “those in the know”, we earn deep respect. And we want to pass it on to the 4T team - they’re the ones who have really earned it. All the best to you, guys!

Name Tomas Vaitkus
Occupation professional cyclist
Place of residence Klaipeda, Lithuania / Oliva, Spain
Riding style
Purchased product custom made MTB frame and fork
Purchasing date 9/5/2008
Other bicycle TREK Madone

John Samuel Dove
Place of residence
London, United Kingdom
Riding style amateur competition
Purchased product custom assembled bicycle type R1
Purchasing date 4/3/2008

Well I've had plenty of time now with many miles under the saddle to show my self what a great frame this is. In the short time that I have had my 4T it has become part of me when out riding. The quality of this product welds and finish are brilliant, whenever I have been out on club rides it is your product that always attracts a lot of attention - the bike speaks for itself. If anybody reads this from the UK please have no doubt that this is a great ride, very good value and friendly service as well.

Name Aleksandr Kovalenko
Occupation contract worker
Place of residence Klaipeda, Lithuania
Years cycling 29
Riding style road/freeride
Purchased product custom assembled bicycle type M1
Purchasing date 12/16/2007
Previous bicycle LEMOND Alpe D‘Huez

1 year ago I ordered from 4T a titanium bicycle and at present stage I am still very happy.

First of all - my bicycle is strong, stiff and light. Riding my bike I feel that I am gliding across tarmac, even if I am riding hard. The same feeling you get from driving a LEXUS. So, my bike never rusts, as compared with steel. It does not require treating or protecting it from corrosion. Some of you, who have aluminum frame could tell me that aluminum is cheaper. Of course it is cheaper if we are talking about money. It looks also cheap, as compare with titanium. Do not forget that aluminum has a fatigue life as well.

The latest modular carbon fiber frames look very nice and obviously never corrode, but one small knock can cause hidden de-lamination that will weaken it irrevocably. My bicycle does not need to be painted. Just look at it! I simply brighten its natural color by lightly brushing it. I cycled more than 7000 km on my bike and it looks still like new! Finally, in fact, a good titanium frame from 4T will almost certainly outlive you.