4T was established in 2004 in the Lithuanian seaport of Klaipėda. It is the only company in Lithuania that produces high-quality titanium bicycle frames.

The owner of 4T is a famous Lithuanian cycling coach Vidmantas Žukauskas. He was the first coach of the Lithuanian road cycling team following Lithuanian independence. Together with the team, Vidmantas spent a few summers in such countries as Belgium, Holland, France, and others.

The experience that he accumulated while coaching his team, and communicating with cyclists, coaches, organizations’ executives, and bicycle inventory producers from all over the world, provided him the knowledge crucial for first-rate bicycle production.

In 1995, Vidmantas left his work as a coach to begin capitalizing on his expertise in bicycle frames production. For many years, he both designed and consulted in the development of titanium bicycle frames for a highly respected and well-known Russian company.


The first road cycling team of Independent Lithuania, 1992
Third row, second on the left, coach V.Žukauskas
Fifth from the left, R.Rumšas, Tour de France third-place winner, 2002


V.Žukauskas and World Youth Champions D.Čivinskas, A.Klimavičius, and R.Lupeikis, 1986